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Wooden Pool With Decking


With the ability to be semi sunken, above ground or built into decking as well as the choice of liner colours; this range of pools offers a variety of choice when it comes to designing your garden. 

Choose a Shape to Suit Your Garden!
Wooden Pool Shapes
Tropical Sunshine
Blue Lagoon
Summer Oasis

Eco Pool

Affordable Octagonal Pools Small Eco.

Small Eco - The Eco range of pools are specifically designed pool packages to give customers the luxury of a complete wooden pool package at a low cost. It measures compact 4m internally diagonally (Volume 11500L/2500galls)

Large Eco - The Large Eco is a 5.6m octagonal internally, (Volume 21400L/4700galls) and is a great sized pool for most gardens at a fantastic budget

Large Stretched Eco - The Large Stretched Eco is a great sized pool for families and more serious swimmers at a fantastic budget. 5.6 x 8.04m internally (Volume 34200L/7523galls)

All Eco Packages contains:

  • Two Piece Softwood Top

  • Corner Cover Plates

  • 0.50mm (20thou) Plain Blue Liner

  • Internal Stainless Ladder

  • External Softwood Ladder

  • Felt Underlay for floor

  • Skimmer and Return Fitting

  • iFLO 500mm Sand Filter

  • Rigid Pipework kit

Eco Pool
Fun Pool

Fun Pool

An affordable pool that's aesthetically pleasing to compliment your garden. Fun pools come with the same great 10 year warranty and quality of manufacture as Premium Wooden Pools. Both Fun Pools are 10ft diameter with the option of a 2.94ft deep – 7m3 or a 4ft deep, 10m3 pool.

The Fun pool standard package contains:

  • Redwood Walls & Structure

  • Single Piece Softwood Top

  • Pipework and fittings

  • Plain Blue 20 thou Liner and Felt Underlay

  • Models include skimmer and inlet cut-out

  • Packages includes iFlo Junior 310mm Sand Filter

Chelsea Pool

The largest wooden swimming pool and the flagship of the Premium range. A 32mm exotic two piece hardwood top shelving features a reversible bespoke profile, designed to make fixing as neat as possible using the plug and pellet hidden fixings.

The Standard Chelsea package contains:

  • An internal stainless steel ladder

  • External wooden ladder

  • 0.75mm (30thou) choice of liner

  • Complete filtration kit

  • Maintenance & Water Treatment kit

  • Solar GeoBubble cover

Chelsea Pool
Exercise Pool

Excercise Pool

Choose from the SwimMaster through wall or Badu Jet over wall counter current system, and enjoy fully adjustable flow for both exercise and massages! The new Stainless Steel Straps for longevity and durability prevent rust and corrosion.

The Exercise pool standard package contains:

  • An internal stainless steel ladder,

  • External wooden ladder,

  • 0.75mm (30thou) choice of liner,

  • Complete filtration kit,

  • Maintenance & Water Treatment kit,

  • Solar GeoBubble cover

Nazca Pool

NAZCA rectangular wooden pools are built to make the most of your outdoor space and give you a quick build time while also offering an affordable option to enjoy your very own pool. Choose from three models to suit your requirements and space. They can all be converted to an exercise pool, by adding a counter current system or used as a conventional pool for the family.

Each Nazca package contains:

  • A Robust Timber Structure

  • Metal Braces

  • Wooden outer ladder and Stainless Steel inner ladder

  • Foam and Felt underlay

  • White Goods Kit

Above Ground pool

What Type Of Swimming Pool Would You Like?

Surface Pools

Inground Pools


Wooden Pool in decking
Swimming pool Building

For Swimming Pool Installations across Sussex, Call the team at Giles Leisure Today!

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