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Pool Cover


Pool Enclosures

A pool enclosure is simply a structure that can be erected around your pool. It can provide a barrier against the wind and rain allowing you to use your pool even when the weather is not at it’s best.

Enclosures can come in many different shapes and sizes depending on your requirements. A pool enclosure is typically made of aluminium and use either glass or polycarbonate panels

Pool Enclosure

Endless Summer Enclosures

Endless Summer pool enclosure's designs can be opened across their entire length through a flexible sliding mechanism – a key advantage over traditional enclosure models. The rigid and durable structure offers elegant and graceful aesthetics while still retaining key safety and protective features. Each enclosure comes equipped with a double wall polycarbonate roof, while the side doors and wall endings of the pool enclosure are constructed from solid, transparent polycarbonate panels.

These Enclosures can be a stand alone building or attached to existing walls.

Pool Enclosure
Endless Summer Enclosure

Alukov Enclosures

The Alukov is available in a variety of heights and designs. The Poly-carbonate panels act like a greenhouse to provide you with increased water temperatures on clear days and heat retention at night.

These fully lockable enclosures allow extended use of your pool as well as the ease of sliding them back during hot weather. 

With their telescopic view these enclosures allow you to make use of the space around your pool to decorate and enjoy your pool during the swimming season.

Pool Enclosures
Moving enclosures
Alukov Enclosure

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