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Frequently Asked Questions


Find below our regularly asked questions... If you don't find the question you're looking for give our team a ring

What does 32 amp Power Supply Mean?

Plug and play or 13 amp hot tubs are suitable for areas where you are unable to get a 32 amp power supply to it. A 13 amp hot tub will run off a standard 3 pin plug, which will need be sourced and supplied by you. You will need to install a 13 amp outdoor waterproof plug socket with RCD protection. 

Alternatively, 32 amp hot tubs are wired into outdoor isolation switches your electrician will need to provide a 3m slack along with this so that the hot tub can be wired into the isolator. The larger the hot tub the more power and electrical current that is needed. When you go up to three or four pumps for hot tubs you may be looking at a 40-amp feed. There is no such thing as a 32-amp hot tub. 32 amps is the amount of power that is required to run a standard hot tub that will have a heater and a couple of pumps running simultaneously. With a 32 amp you could use it for three or four hours and your heater won’t turn off and the temperature will remain the same

Hot Tub Power Supply
Hot Tub

How many seats do I need?

This is different for each customer depending on who will be using it – a couple, family or friends. Even if there will only be two people using the hot tub, different options of seats will allow you to soothe different muscles. You may also require a greater number of loungers rather than seats. We have varying options and can help you decide.

What are the access requirements for delivery?

We will do everything we can to make delivery as smooth for you as possible.

Before every delivery we will attend your property to do a site survey to see if we can complete the delivery through a side gate etc., usually this requires at least 1.5m of uninterrupted gap (depending on the size of your hot tub and where you plan on placing it) . If this isn't possible we have other options such as an airbag to lower and lift the hot tub over small walls. As a last resort we can also look to hire you a crane to go up and over the house.

Don't forget with an invite round to try out your new hot tub and some bubbly your neighbours may also let us remove the boundary fence and put it back afterwards if their access is better (no harm in asking).

Hot Tub Installation
Hot Tub Delivery

How far will you deliver?

Although most of our customers are in Sussex, Kent and Surrey we have delivered Hot Tubs across the UK including to Cornwall as well as abroad to Italy!

If it makes you happy it will make us happy

Can I sink my hot tub into the ground or decking?

Short answer Yes.

However, there are many things to consider when sinking a hot tub or swim spa.

1) Have you build access panels for maintenance? Should the tub need repairs we would need access to the insides of the cabinet this means either lifting the tub out or access panels to get into the tub without moving it

2) What drainage do you have in place? If it rains the area around it could flood and cause damage to your tub

3) If there is damage to your tub it may not be covered by your warranty depending on the model you have chosen

Essentially, if you do want to sink your hot tub ask us for advice on the best way to do this to keep your tub as healthy as possible.

In Ground Hot Tub
Solid Vs Blow up Hot Tubs

Why are Solid Hot Tubs better than Blow up?

In short they are more environmentally and economically friendly.

Solid Hot Tubs have more insulation and therefore cost less to heat and keep heated as they retain the heat better meaning once they are heated the heat pumps don't have to work as hard to keep them up to temperature.

They are also built to last longer, compared to a blow up that needs to be put away in bad weather or kept from the pets scratching it the Solid Hot Tubs are made to withstand a few bumps and to be used all year round.

Add this to the comfort factor - Blow up hot tubs don't have seats or loungers they are essentially a heated up paddling pool - you sit on the floor.

We have nothing against the inflatables but its worth  weighing up their cheapness alongside the cons compared to a Solid Hot Tub. 

What are the rules on Holiday Let Hot Tubs?

If you let out one or more holiday homes with a hot tub, then you need to make sure your hot tub is HSG282 compliant. This includes regular cleaning and maintenance including draining and cleaning your hot tub between changes in guests.

Family Hot Tub
Holiday Hot Tub

Are there Hot Tubs that are better as Holiday Lets?

It depends on the types of guests you will be looking at having but if you are expecting children or parties then yes! Hot Tubs such as the Platinum Holiday Let 5 are adapted so that little hands can't "fiddle" with all the buttons. Guests are limited to the temperature you set the tub to as well as other settings, this means they can't accidentally turn the heater off, or adjust the filtration settings but can still have the music and lights how they would like them. Speak to our showroom team to find out which Hot Tubs are available to be adapted into Holiday Let Hot Tubs.

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