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Swimming Pool Liner


Customise your pool your way with our range of Swimming Pool Liners!
When it comes to lining a pool we have a wide variety of colours and patterns for you to choose from to make your pool unique. From On-Site Lining to Custom Fit Liners you have plenty of choice!
Custom Fit Liners
Pre-made to fit your pool measurements before arriving to us for fitting. These high quality material are manufactured in Europe and the USA. With a 5 year guarantee, our Liners offer lasting beauty and durability.
  • Designed for use in domestic pools with normal bathing loads
  • 29°C maximum running temperature
  • Five year pro-rata guarantee
  • Material is impregnated with algaecide
Patterned liners
Liners and Tile Bands
Non Slip Liners
Pool Liners
Patterned Pool Liners
Latham Liners
Swimming Pool Colours
Swimming Pool Colours
Pool Liners
Swimming Pool Liners
Pool Patterns
On-Site Liners
Measured, Cut and Welded on site, on-site liners are perfect for a pool with a unique shape or steps to highlight the tread, adding a tile band of a different pattern and offering some extra colour choices. Proflex and Aquaflex offer a high-quality, durable 100% watertight vinyl reinforced swimming pool liner.​
  • Excellent Resistance to Microbial Growth
  • U.V Stability & Color-Fastness
  • Hot-Air Welding Strength
  • Excellent Abrasion Resistance
  • Resistance to Super-Chlorination
  • Superior Lacquered Liners
  • Superior Quality Assurance Processes
  • Thicker Material
Stoneflex 3D Liners
Bassalt Brown

Bassalt Brown

Fidji Green

Fidji Green
Proflex by Haogen
Anti Slip liners
Basic Liners
Plain Pool Liners
Tile Pool Liners
3d Matrix
Stoneflex Liners
Natural liners
Stone Tile Liners
Blue Pool Liners
Marble Pool Liners
Tile Pattern
Wooden Liners
Eco Liners
Stoneflex Pool Liners
Want to see the choices in person? We have samples at our showroom or call to arrange your site survey and discuss which liner would suit your needs!

What Type Of Swimming Pool Would You Like?

Surface Pools

Inground Pools


Wooden Pool in Decking
Swimming pool Building

For Swimming Pool Installations across Sussex, Call the team at Giles Leisure Today!

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