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What Does The Hose Pipe Ban Mean For My Swimming Pool or Hot Tub?

Hose Pipe Ban

It has always been hard to tell what clients can or can't do with their Pools/Hot Tubs during a hose pipe ban. So we have gathered together everything we currently know about the ban to try to keep you informed on what you can or can't do; and it isn't necessarily black and white.

Does the ban affect me?

If you are living in Kent or Sussex, the ban will affect you and everyone whose water is supplied by South East Water. You can check if you are affected by entering your postcode via this link.

What does a hosepipe ban mean?

You must not use a hosepipe or anything connected to the mains water supply for the same purpose, such as a water sprinkler to:

  • fill a paddling pool or swimming pool

  • water plants in the home or garden

  • clean walls or windows of a domestic property

  • clean a private leisure boat

  • fill a domestic pond

  • maintain a water fountain

  • clean patios or any artificial outdoor surfaces

Failures to follow this can result in a £1000 fine.

What exceptions to this are there? I use my Hot Tub for health reasons can I still top it up?

There are some exemptions for "Specific Circumstances" such as:

  • Unavoidable health and safety reasons

  • Minimising the risk to human or animal health or general animal welfare

  • If you are registered with the Priority Services Register and would be unable to or find it hard to make adaptions

  • You may use a hosepipe to fill or maintain a swimming pool if you do this with a water conservation recycling system

  • You may use a hosepipe to fill or maintain a swimming pool if you are filling or maintaining a permanent swimming pool where necessary in the course of its construction or where it is designed, constructed or adapted for use in the course of medical treatment

  • You may use a hosepipe to draw water if filling a fixed structure (including hot tubs) from empty after construction or significant refurbishment. In this case significant refurbishment should be treated as equivalent to construction. Once it has been refilled then a hosepipe cannot be used for any subsequent filling

  • There are also some exemptions for service to customers in the course of a business therefore should you have a service and maintenance plan in place with us this should not be affected

However, South East Water do say that they may question your use of an exemption.

What do you suggest I do?

What can I do to reduce the need to top up my pool/tub?

  • Ensure chemical levels are keep at correct level to minimise cleaning

  • Turn off any Auto Top Ups

  • Keep Cover Closed when not swimming to stop debris entering the water

  • Only carry out a backwash when necessary

  • Reduce the use of a vacuum where possible

  • Use an electric (Robot) vacuum to reduce the need to backwash if you have one

  • Avoid the use of waterfalls to minimise splashing


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