Dear Alex

As you know, we have recently completed the installation of our new pool carried out by yourselves.

My husband Edward and I wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the final result, but especially how pleased we were with the team we had here for nearly two months.
Dean in particular was a wonder at calming me when I was anxious and he has a fantastically optimistic attitude. As it was a large project, there were, inevitably, problems along the way, but for Dean these were merely "hiccups" that could be surmounted and he did so repeatedly. He was always available, honest and ready with solutions. Moreover, he continues to be helpful even as i deal with a neighbour who has complained about the "noise" from the pump. If I ever decide to have a fourth child, Dean, will be in the running as a name!

Dean, Colin and Gavin also demonstrated true spirit, great customer service, and general thoughtfulness by giving up a Bank holiday in order to get the garden tidied up enough so that I could host my annual Easter egg hunt.
My biggest regret is that they do not do loft conversions, driveways, babysitting, etc, because I have no doubt they would do a superb job.

Thank you, Alex, and your team, for transforming our garden.

Yours sincerely,

Adrianne Nnadi

Dear Alex

I purchased a hot tub from you just over a month ago. I never write letters but felt in this instance I really had to write and let you know what a marvellous investment it has been!

Not only has it become the focal point in the garden - especially as it sits on one of the highest points of Sussex near the Argos Hill Windmill next to my new summer house - but it has reduced my stress levels and given me a wonderful opportunity to entertain my friends in a unique manner that has led to so many people wondering why they hadn't yet installed a hot tub themselves

Before I go to bed I have a final dip and sit under the stars reflecting on the activities of the day with a hot chocolate in one hand and the glow of the warm swirling waters around me.

If anyone is not sure about whether to purchase a hot tub please please tell them to call me and come and see just how simple it is to use and the impact it can have on home and social life!

I have also reiterated to all my friends that i am so pleased I purchased from a local company rather going for cost savings on the internet. You and your staff have been extremely professional and when we did have a problem (which turned out to be a factory omission rather than anything to do with yourselves) instead of wrestling with some anonymous touch tone helpline you had a member of staff with me within the hour!

Many many thanks for everything. I shall be sending you some photos of my lovely hot tub in its beautiful unique surroundings in the next few days,

Best Regards

Janet Duchesne

Dear Alex

Thank you so much, not only for your professional assistance, but also for your general help and guidance to bring the project to its successful conclusion.

The finished pool has surpassed our expectations expectations and is much admired by everyone. In addition we have already had lots of fun in it; it adds another dimension to family life!

We would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone else considering building a pool.

Yours sincerely,

Jill and Steve Croft