Proteus® Technology

Functional Design

Good looks and functional features go hand in hand. You can choose between skimmer or overflow according to your aesthetic taste or desired performance standards.

Reduced Consumption

The use of specific materials, with the uniform surface and without concrete joints, make it possible to considerably reduce the consumption of water cleaning and treatment products.

Refined Comfort

The Proteus® panels are made to be finished off with ceramic facing. In overflow gutter is a perfect aesthetic solution with the water line at the same level of surrounding floor area. In the case of the skimmer option, on the other hand, the ceramic edge makes it possible to prevent the formation of that ugly black line at water level.

Constant Levelness

The special bulkhead and the perimeter chassis make the structure self-supporting and anti-quake and also permit fine adjustment of the pool verticality and horizontal plane. Such adjustment option is extremely important as regards overflow solutions so that overflow is always perfect along the entire perimeter.

Extra-Strong Interiors

The concrete interior is faced with a special PVC membrane, specially designed to last for years. It is in fact treated to resist UV rays and the aggressive action of chemicals products utilised in the water disinfection. It also contains an additive that combats the formation of algae.

Perfect Seal, Even Around Curves

Strong and inalterable over the years, Proteus® panels are protected at the time of manufacture by a layer of extra-hard, hot-laminated PVC. They ensure total adaptability to any project, making it possible to freely create shapes, thus far unthinkable with prefab structures.


Ceramics are the most traditional and elegant solution and come in a broad range of colours, finishes and sizes. Because of its strength, the material most commonly used for swimming pools is klinker ceramic and porcelain stoneware.

Bisazza Mosaic

Mosaics are also ideal for swimming-pool use. They make it possible to achieve highly appealing colour effects. Ideal above all for anyone seeking a very eye-catching effect. Even more elegant and refined solutions for the upper part of the pool are born from the meeting between Proteus® technology and Bisazza mosaics, unique in the world.

Bisazza glass mosaics offer a wide range of solutions, in the materials, in the colours and in the alternation effects of the tiles. With the possibility, offered by Proteus®, to match the mosaics with the colour of the lining of the pool, from blue to white, to grey and to sand.


Available in a wide range of colours and stylistic versions, it represents a refined alternative to the more classic ceramic tiles and, besides allowing for a high degree of personalisation of the decoration, its transparency recalls the crystalline look and purity of water.

Natural Stone

Proteus® marries perfectly also with natural stone finishes, used both for the upper part of the pool and for the perimetric coping.

The selection of the most suitable materials is extremely wide, even if in this case local stones are often preferred, matching in some cases also with the lining colour, to better harmonize the pool with the surrounding environment.

The Stone Grid

Conceived to make the design of the pool even more elegant and refined, the new reconstructed stone grid presents numerous advantages also from the functional point of view: antislip and stain, chill UV rays and chlorine resistant, it allows for a perfect overflow of water, keeping the leaves.

The Smooth Stone Grid

A special aesthetical variation for the overflow gutter pools is the use of smooth white stones, positioned along the pool gutter, on the grid.

The white stones contribute to contextualize the pool in a more natural way and ensure at the same time the maximum comfort walking around the pool.

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