Kafko DIY Pool Kit 48" Panel System

Kafko DIY pool Kits consist of a 48" depth Polymer Panel wall system with polymer bracing every 4', these kits are for the DIY enthusiasts. All panels prior to delivery, are pre-cut at our warehouse using a custom made jig to enable Skimmer(s), Light fitting(s) etc, to be installed accurately and with ease. All pools have 2' radius corners.

Kit Specification

  • All Pattern Liner
  • The Complete Package
  • Shapes And Sizes Available
  • Optional Extras
  • Tools You Will Require
  • Plant Equipment To Hire
  • Materials You Will Require

The Liner is the most important part of the pool structure as it acts as a waterproof membrane to retain water and is the cosmetic finish to your pool. Our standard 20gauge /.55mm Liners are manufactured from pure virgin vinyl and are Algae and UV sunlight resistant. All liners are printed with a blue mosaic pattern to enhance the natural beauty of your swimming pool. Liners have a full 2 year manufacturer’s warranty with a life expectancy of 7-10 years.

*Colour of Liner sample depicted is subject to the setup of your monitor

The Complete Package

Everything that you will need to build your dream pool will be supplied in one delivery direct to your door.

Every Kafko Kit contains the following, all prices exclude VAT @ 20%

Step Units (replacing ladder)

Code Description
0211-B 5' x 4' Kafko Rectangle Step (48" depth)
0212-B 8' x 4' Roman End inc, GRP Trim (48" depth)
0165-M Mosaic Tile Band

LED Lighting

Code Description
1 White LED Kit (inc.transformer & Wall Kit)
2 White LED Kit (inc.transformer & Wall Kit)

Sizes Available

20 x 12
24 x 12
28 x 12
30 x 14

ALL Rectangle pools have 2’ Radius Corners.

REMEMBER! to allow for a 24” over-dig on each side of pool structure.

Optional Extras

Solar Cover & Roller - Essential for retaining heat in the swimming pool.

Heating - Either by Gas or Electric will ensure that you will benefit from the full use of your pool as the pool water will always be at the desired temperature.

Tools you will require

This checklist has been compiled assuming that the normal handyman's tools are available, i.e. an electric drill and an extension lead to reach the pool site, obviously ten men hand digging a pool will require more shovels and wheelbarrows.(*may be hired)

  • Wood float and Steel Float
  • Cowley or water level*
  • Club hammer
  • Adjustable spanners
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Angle Grinder*
  • Shovels/Forks
  • Spades/Rake
  • Pick
  • Soft Broom
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Industrial vacuum cleaner*
  • Ball of string and stakes
  • Stanley knife
  • Garden Hose Chain
  • Wrench or Stilsons
  • Hacksaw
  • Tape measure - 50' +
  • 2" masking or packing tape
  • Electric drill
  • 'G' Clamps

Plant Equipment to Hire

  • Excavator
  • Concrete Mixer
  • Dumper Truck
  • Tipper Lorries (if spoil being removed from site)

Materials you will require

Amount required for 4' depth pool

Pool Size Soft Sand
(cubic metres)
(cubic metres)
(25Kg Bags)
40mm Shingle
(cubic metres)
20 x 12 2 4 40 11
24 x 12 2 4 40 13
28 x 12 3 5 55 14
30 x 14 3 5 55 15

Amount required for optional 5' depth pool

Pool Size Soft Sand
(cubic metres)
(cubic metres)
(25Kg Bags)
40mm Shingle
(cubic metres)
20 x 12 2.5 4 45 11
24 x 12 2.5 4 45 13
28 x 12 3.5 5 60 14
30 x 14 3.5 5 60 15

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