Endless Summer Enclosures

New Design – Trackless Building – Strong Robust Build Quality

An Endless Summer telescopic pool enclosure is the perfect answer to the changeable British climate as it allows an outdoor pool to be converted to an indoor pool in a matter of minutes.

The Endless Summer Enclosure makes the process even easier as it no longer requires tracks on all installations to guide the building back down to its lockdown position.

Endless Summer Enclosures consist of a fixed end bay that is permanently attached to the ground, and a series of smooth running and moveable bays that slide underneath each other as the enclosure is opened.


  • Extruded high strength aluminium section
  • Powder coated in Patina Green
  • High tech 10mm polycarbonate multiwall roofing
  • No drop coating to help fight algae and mould
  • 6mm high quality glass clear acrylic
  • Fully gasketed window system
  • Modular elements
  • Full width concertina doors
  • Secure locking system
  • Easy guide concertina door
  • Key locking security
  • Larger smoother running, sealed bearing wheels
  • Double brushed base rail, to keep debris out


The enclosures are made from extruded aluminium sections. The side walls are glazed with 6mm High Quality glass clear acrylic. As well as this light-weight, easy to maintain and very durable material, our structure is strong enough to allow you to upgrade to a toughened glass side wall option. For certain applications like restaurant terraces; toughened glass adds another level of quality to the building. Opaque or solid glazing can also be added to give extra privacy when required.

The glazing system is fully gasketed to ensure a water tight and rattle free environment.

Double brushed base rails ensure the maximum resistance to debris at floor level, keeping dust and debris to a minimum inside the building. This in turn reduces pool cleaning and chemical usage ensuring your time around the pool is free leisure time.

The Choice is Yours

  • Trackless Building
  • Bespoke sized enclosure
  • Can accommodate most shapes and size pool
  • Hinged or sliding door options
  • Optional sliding windows
  • All RAL colours available as option
  • Optional upgrade to toughened glass
  • Opaque or solid glazing options for privacy
  • Warm air heating systems

Lock Down System

The Endless Summer secure ground locking system ensures the building cannot be moved without a key, adding extra security to the enclosure. The large hand wheels make the fixings easy to remove, this makes opening the closure quick and simple.

5” Diameter Wheels

These high quality, industrial standard wheels are manufactured in polyurethane with sealed ball races giving extra smooth movement, easing out the bumps from the paving and making the building roll with a dramatically reduced effort.

Pool Size
Water Surface Area
Pool Enclosure
Internal Dimensions
No. of Bays
20’ x 10’ / 6m x 3m 8.24m x 5m – 5.63m 4
24’ x 12’ / 7m x 3.5m 10.3m x 5.5m – 6.34m 5
28’ x 14’ / 8.5m x 4.3m 10.3m x 6.5m – 7.34m 5
30’ x 15’ / 9m x 4.5m 12.36m x 6.5m – 7.55m 6
32’ x 16’ / 10m x 5m 12.36m x 7m – 8.05m 6
36’ x 18’ / 11m x 5.5m 14.42m x 7.5m – 8.75m 7
38’ x 16’ / 11.5m x 5m 14.42m x 7m – 8.25m 7
40’ x 20’ / 12m x 6m 14.42m x 8m – 9.25m 7
  • Please allow for copings or roman ends as they add width/length to the pool
  • The Enclosures begin at 2.4m in height at the narrowest and increase towards the fixed end
  • Standard colours are Brown, White and Green. Additional colours available on request
  • All Enclosures are fully retractable, complete with sliding/folding front doors, 1.9m in height
  • Additional internal doors in the front or rear available on request
  • All Enclosures glazed with 6mm Perspex on the sides, 6mm Twin wall Polycarbonate on the roof
  • Additional sizes available on request

Healthy Lifestyle

Your family and friends can enjoy your pool in summer-like conditions. Your home will become your personal leisure and health centre. Swimming and water sports are acknowledged as being ideal aerobic and non-impact activities. Keep your family fit and healthy while they have fun in the sun.

Environmental Control

An enclosure over your pool ensures that you do not waste heat energy stored in the water from the sun or from a water heater. In addition to keeping the water at an ideal and comfortable temperature the air temperature remains warm and free from cold draughts. This also reduces chemical usage saving time and money.

Purpose-Made For Your Home & Pool

The pool enclosure is made up of a series of modular components which can be integrated to ensure that the enclosure can accommodate almost any shape pool, pool surround materials and adjoining buildings. The flexibility of the design and its adaptability will respond to your most creative and imaginative plans. Besides the standard enclosures, our custom designs include retracting, fixed, lean-to, low level and centre opening models.


By using an aluminium and acrylic structure there is no danger from broken glass. Smooth running and lightweight bays can be moved from partial to a fully enclosed position with very little effort. Don’t compromise your family’s safety on anything but the best technology has to offer.

Here is a YouTube video to show you an idea as to how this works.

Please note. This is not the exact product it is a similar product to give you an idea as to how it works.

Watch a YouTube video here.

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