Endless Summer Low Level Enclosures – Arco

The Arco is a perfect low level trackless enclosure. Rounded and sleek in design this enclosure will enhance your swimming pool season whilst not impacting heavily on your garden. The Arco is constructed from extruded powder coated aluminium in Green or White, glazed with 6mm toughened Perspex on the sides and 6mm twin wall polycarbonate on the roof, this material has a proven strength whilst still being lightweight. With brushes fixed to the base rail of the enclosure debris entering the pool from the garden will become a thing of the past. Safety is an important feature and all enclosures are supplied with safety locks and keys on each bay.

Telescopic Enclosure – ARCO – No tracks on the ground

Bays Length Maximum External Width (MM) Minimum Internal Width (MM)
4 Bays / 8.48m 5466 4700
4 Bays / 8.48m 5966 5200
5 Bays / 10.58m 5150 4200
5 Bays / 10.58m 5650 4700
5 Bays / 10.58m 6150 5200

Telescopic Enclosure – ARCO – Plus Size

Bays Length Minimal External Width (mm) Minimal Internal Width (mm)
6 Bays / 12.55m 7448 6200
7 Bays / 14.61m 7655 6200

These enclosures have been designed to reduce the impact on your garden whilst extending your swimming season.

The enclosure makes your pool area a safer place to be, stopping unwanted access to the pool.

The enclosures have a demountable front wall, a fixed rear wall and a sliding access window in the first bay.

The polycarbonate is 6mm twin wall on the room with 4mm compacted transparent on the side walls.

There are a range of colours for this enclosure, for more information click and make and enquiry. Or call us at our office. We are always happy to help.

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